Small visualization lab with video wall

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Client

As the Department of Energy’s largest multiprogram science and energy laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, TN researches and develops solutions for a variety range of real-world challenges. ORNL’s National Transportation Research Center, or NTRC, focuses on contemporary transportation challenges, providing industries and agencies with resources to advance the development of transportation technologies.

The Challenge

ORNL planned to construct a new visualization laboratory in the National Transportation Research Center. The lab would be used to provide researchers with visual access to ultra-high-resolution content, including 3D renderings, drawings, images, and videos. In order to view this high-resolution material, ORNL would need a large, high-definition display and a powerful content rendering system.

ORNL approached CineMassive to provide a custom visualization system for the laboratory. CineMassive was selected because of its proven expertise in providing video wall technology for research environments.

The Solution

CineMassive designed a turn-key visualization solution for the National Transportation Research Center.

For the display system, CineMassive provided a CineView LCD video wall in a wall-mounted 5×3 configuration. The CineView LCD displays featured ultra-narrow bezels and delivered a combined resolution of 6830×2304. The video wall also provided a wide viewing angle, ensuring that content would be fully visible to everyone in the laboratory.

For the processor, CineMassive provided its Alpha video wall processor. The Alpha accepted content in virtually any format, allowing researchers to unite data from a wide range of devices and display multiple content sources on the video wall simultaneously. Content could be dynamically arranged in real-time across the high-resolution displays.

To enable the rendering of large-scale, processor-intensive content, CineMassive provided a Bravo Viz video wall processor. The Bravo Viz enabled researchers to display ultra-high-resolution content like topographical maps, 3D models, and more at native resolution and detail.

To control the system, CineMassive provided Touch Control software, a simple touch interface that could be accessed through a tablet or touch panel. Touch Control allowed users to send content sources to the video wall and adjust arrangements of content on the fly. It also allowed them to control and automate environmental systems like audio and lighting controls, creating an integrated presentation experience.

By implementing a CineMassive video wall system, Oak Ridge National Laboratory provided its National Transportation Research Center with state-of-the-art visualization capabilities. By leveraging their CineMassive system to examine high-resolution material at full scale and detail, researchers were able to gain new insights and accelerate their research.

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