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Powerful Video Wall Software

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Powerful Video Wall Management

Integrated seamlessly with CineMassive’s Alpha FX processors, CineNet renders videos and images flawlessly. From real-time streaming of your video wall across your network, to a real-time view of a wall’s content during remote set-up, to selection from an unlimited number of sources, CineNet meets your organization’s most critical needs.

Features & Benefits

On-screen device control

Control third-party devices like video teleconferencing systems, speakers, cable tuners, and video cameras directly from CineNet, eliminating the need for external control equipment and custom programming.

Macros & user dashboards

Customize the tasks and other functionality that users can access from their CineNet dashboards. Create macros so that users can complete complex, multi-step tasks with the touch of a button.

Access to all your content across your network

Encode your video streams and users’ desktops as IP sources so that you can display them across your network without being constrained by physical connections. No IP switch is required – this capability is available using CineLink encoders and CineNet.

Device Control on Tablet
Content Manipulation

Advanced content management

Use advanced content management features like automated layout sequencing, annotations, multiple size grids, image scaling and cropping, content borders, window layering and opacity, animated transitions, and window rotation to meet all your video wall needs.

Real-time video wall streaming

Unique to CineMassive, CineNet includes a Live mode feature that displays a real-time, pixel-perfect view of your entire video wall, which can be accessed across your network.

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CineNet kiosk mode


CineNet was designed with the end-user in mind. The intuitive interface and streamlined controls are perfect for even the least tech-savvy members of your team.

User-Friendly Interface
CineNet Whiteboarding

Flexible Platform

Highly configurable, CineNet is an extremely flexible application that sets the standard in the industry. It can be adjusted to meet your unique workflows without custom programming!

Extreme Flexibility
CineNet Security Settings Interface

Secure System

CineNet provides Triple DES data encryption, precise user permissions, and centralized administrative controls to ensure system security and peace of mind.

Reliable Security