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Alpha Video Wall Controller

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The Alpha controller provides flexible control and proven reliability

The Alpha is a 4K video wall controller that provides complete control over the capture, display, and management of video wall content. It offers dozens of inputs and outputs and can accept content from virtually any source. Loaded with our CineNet video wall software, the Alpha unites all of your content sources on a single platform and lets you place them anywhere on the video wall in real-time. Designed for 24/7 operations, the Alpha is extremely reliable, resilient, and user-friendly.

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Key Benefits

  • Dozens of inputs and outputs
  • Accepts virtually any content
  • Flexible, real-time content control
  • User-friendly interface
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies available
  • 24/7 reliable
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Product Features

Unrivaled Performance & Flexibility

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Pixel-perfect resolution

No matter the size of your video wall, the Alpha controller drives each display at native resolution, allowing you to create a massive, multi-HD display surface. HD and 4K content can be displayed at pixel-perfect resolution, and detailed images and text appear sharp and clear.

High-density inputs and outputs

The Alpha controller offers large quantities of HD and 4K inputs and outputs, so you can display dozens of content sources simultaneously without using a router.

Accepts virtually any content

The Alpha is compatible with nearly any device and accepts content in virtually any format, so you can aggregate and display all of your content without additional signal-conversion hardware. Leverage content from Mac, PC, or Linux workstations, laptops, tablets, cable boxes, supercomputers, and more.

BYOD friendly

The Alpha leverages CineNet software’s IP encoding and decoding capabilities to create a collaborative BYOD (bring your own device) environment. Users can instantly send content streams from their laptops or tablets to the video wall system. Streamed content can be arranged on the video wall in real-time, just like content from a physically-connected source.

Runs applications natively

In addition to capturing content from external devices, the Alpha can natively run and display PDFs, video, images, webpages, and more. Running applications natively on the Alpha allows you to display content without needing a separate host device or using an input on the controller.

Flexible multi-video wall support

Like all CineMassive controllers, the Alpha is universally compatible with LCD, projection, LED, and cube-based video wall systems from any manufacturer. The Alpha also supports multiple display systems simultaneously, so you can control all of your video walls, auxiliary screens, and projection systems from a single platform.

Dynamic Content Control & Sharing

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Flexible content placement

The Alpha allows your tiled video wall to act as a single display surface, giving you complete control over content placement. Using the CineNet interface, you can smoothly move content windows across the displays in real-time and drop them anywhere on the video wall or other connected displays.

Real-time content manipulation

The Alpha lets you freely scale, zoom, crop, label, and layer content sources in real-time on the video wall. You can scale a single content window across multiple displays, arrange multiple content windows in a single display, or anything in between. Arrangements of content can be saved and recalled later.

Secure collaboration

The Alpha controller was designed to support secure collaboration. Through CineNet software, it allows multiple team members to contribute content to the video wall, transforming your displays into a dynamic, multi-user workspace. Users can also share content with other networked displays, so teams in different locations can collaborate over a common operating picture.

Long-Term Reliability

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Mission-critical reliability

The Alpha controller is designed for 24/7 operations and delivers maximum reliability, resilience, and longevity in the most demanding environments. Built for easy field-serviceability, the Alpha can be upgraded with redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, allowing the system to continue operating even if a power supply fails.

Scalable over time

Because the Alpha is built with modular system components, additional inputs and outputs can be added over time. This means you can enlarge your video wall beyond its original dimensions or add additional input sources without having to buy a new controller.

Trusted by the U.S. Armed Forces

CineMassive’s Alpha family of controllers have been deployed throughout the U.S. Armed Forces and are used in some of the world’s most sensitive 24/7 environments.

Alpha Video Wall Controller Signal Flow Diagram

Alpha video wall controller flow diagram

Technical Specifications: Alpha Video Wall Controller

Maximum Outputs Up to 64 HD outputs
Up to 32 4K outputs
Output Formats DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI
Maximum Inputs Up to 264 SD inputs
Up to 66 HD inputs
Up to 33 4K inputs
Input Formats Digital: DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, SDI
Analog: BNC, Component, Composite, S-Video, VGA

*Small form factor available
Need to fit your controller in a small rack, credenza, or other constrained space? Our small form factor Alpha delivers all the features of the full-sized controller, but in a compact, space-saving design. Contact us to learn more!