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User-friendly control for your video wall system

CineNet video wall software, now with built-in Room Control, gives you complete control over your video wall system, content, and environment. Featuring a user-friendly browser-based interface, CineNet can be accessed from any device and is approachable to all users – from control room operators to college students.

Leveraging the video encoding and decoding capabilities of the Alpha FX processor platform, CineNet lets team members effortlessly stream and access video wall content across their secure network. Robust content manipulation features enhance collaboration and create a focused view for maximum productivity.

Access & Share Content Across Your Network

CineNet 3 Drag and Drop Content Placement

Decode and Display Streamed Video Sources

CineNet uses the decoding capabilities of your CineMassive controller to open and display content from any IP-enabled source on your network. View streamed content privately on your CineNet dashboard, or drag and drop it onto your video wall – just like any other content.

Share Content in Real-Time Across Your Network

With CineNet, you can instantly encode and stream a content source, part of your video wall, or even your whole video wall to users and display systems across your network.

Secure Log-In and User Permissions

CineNet’s role-based permissions system puts administrators in control of each user’s viewing, editing, and sharing rights. A secure log-in ensures that users can only access the displays, content, and devices that their permissions allow.

User-Friendly Control

Easy Drag-and-Drop Content Placement

With CineNet, you can drag and drop content sources anywhere on your video wall and manipulate them in real-time. User-friendly scaling, zooming, cropping, and layering tools make it easy to achieve the focused view your team needs.

Unlimited Custom Layouts

CineNet lets you capture and save unlimited arrangements of content sources – or layouts – for instant recall.


CineNet provides real-time whiteboarding features like text labels and drawing to enhance presentations and collaboration.

Built-in Room Control

With Room Control, you can control and automate external devices – like audio systems, VTC, and cable boxes – from the same interface you use to control your video wall. You can also automate device actions, like turning on the lights or dialing into a video conference, to help your team work even more efficiently. Requires purchase of Room Control package.


Developers can leverage CineNet’s REST API to create a custom interface or integrate CineNet with a desired application.

CineNet 3 Whiteboarding

More Ways to Display Your Content

CineNet 3 Admin Screen

Use Interactive Applications on Remote Computers

With CineNet’s Soft KVM, you can display remote applications like PowerPoint or Google Earth and interact with them in real-time on your video wall.

Play Content Directly From Your Processor

CineNet enables videos and images to be played directly from your video wall processor. This approach gives you instant access to the content you use the most without requiring a dedicated PC to host it.

Flexible Multi-Video Wall Support

CineNet allows you to control multiple video walls and displays with a single CineMassive controller. Stretch content across multiple video walls, control each video wall separately, or create independent display regions within a single video wall.

Compatible with Any Display

CineNet is compatible with LCD, LED, and projection-based display systems from any manufacturer and can control systems with different display types, resolutions, and aspect ratios simultaneously.

Room Control

With Room Control, you can control and automate external devices in your facility from the same user-friendly interface you use to control your video wall.

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Room Control Showing VTC Controls

Why CineMassive Video Wall Software?


CineMassive video wall software connects users across the network, allowing them to share information on the video wall, collaborate in real-time, and create a common operating picture.


Our software offers a robust range of features within a simple, modular interface. Our team will help you customize your software package with the features best-suited for your use-case.


Designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, our software is approachable to all users – regardless of their technical proficiency or experience level.


Our permissions-based system gives administrators precise control over each user’s viewing, editing, and sharing rights. All user data is secured by Triple DES encryption.

Featured Case Studies

CURVE at Georgia State University Library

A touch-interactive CineMassive system enables collaborative visualization at Georgia State University Library's CURVE research center. Leveraging the video wall system, researchers can render 3D maps and other massive files at native resolution.

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The Wilson School

Students and faculty at the Wilson School use a CineMassive video wall system to explore curriculum content, present projects, and even take virtual field trips. A user-friendly touch panel provides instant control over the system.

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Miami Gardens Real Time Crime Center

Miami Gardens' Real Time Crime Center leverages a CineMassive visualization system to enable safer, more effective crime fighting. Officers use the system to monitor camera feeds, visualize crime patterns, and deliver critical information to response units.

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