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CineNet Video Wall Software

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A complete toolkit for content control and collaboration

CineNet software provides complete control over your video wall content and enables secure collaboration. Uniting all your content sources on a user-friendly dashboard, CineNet lets you manipulate content directly on your video wall or prepare presentations offline. With CineNet, users anywhere in the network can view and contribute to the displayed content, so even teams spread around the world can collaborate freely.

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Key Benefits

  • Easy drag and drop control
  • Flexible, real-time content control
  • Presentation-building tools
  • Captures streamed content
  • Secure access management
  • Multi-video wall support
  • Compatible with any display system
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Product Features

User-Friendly Control

Drag-and-drop content placement in CineNet software

All your content on a single platform

Leveraging your CineMassive video wall controller, CineNet unites all of your content sources on a single, user-friendly dashboard. Live and pre-recorded video, applications, and data from virtually any device can be accessed and displayed instantly.

Easy drag-and-drop control

With CineNet, you can simply drag and drop content sources onto your video wall. Content can be moved freely across the displays and placed anywhere on the display surface – all in real-time.

Flexible, real-time content placement

CineNet lets you freely scale, zoom, crop, and layer content windows on the displays. You can scale a content window across multiple displays, place multiple content windows in a single display, or anything in between. Content layouts can be saved for instant recall.

Build and save unlimited custom layouts

CineNet gives you complete control over how – and when – content appears on your displays. Arrange content on the displays in real-time or build and save content layouts “offline” before sending them to the displays.

Build and deliver beautiful presentations

Paired with an Alpha FX controller, CineNet offers a complete presentation-building toolkit. Easily build and save a sequence of content layouts with the Timeline tool, using custom labels, transitions, and more to perfect your presentation. The Timeline feature can also be used to schedule an automatic rotation of camera feeds or other content.

Intelligent Collaboration

Connecting users across the network

With CineNet, users anywhere in the network can view and add content to the video wall in real-time. Whether across the room or around the world, all team members can share a common operating picture and work collaboratively.

Instant content streaming

With CineNet’s Desktop Streaming feature, you can instantly push content to your displays without a physical connection. On-screen content from any Windows PC can be streamed to your system and shared on the displays, enabling easy BYOD collaboration.

Remote control

CineNet’s Keyboard & Mouse Control feature lets you access and control remote computers through the CineNet interface.

Secure access management

CineNet’s permissions-based system puts administrators in control of each user’s viewing, editing, and sharing rights. That means that users can only see and access the displays and content sources that their permissions allow. All user data is secured by Triple DES encryption.

Desktop Streaming feature in CineNet software

Flexible and Versatile

Creating multiple display regions in CineNet software

Flexible multi-video wall support

CineNet allows you to control multiple video walls and displays with a single CineMassive controller. You can stretch content across multiple video walls, control each video wall separately, or create independent display regions within a single video wall.

Compatible with any display

CineNet is compatible with LCD, LED, and projection-based display systems from any manufacturer. When paired with an Alpha FX controller, CineNet can control systems with different display types, resolutions, and aspect ratios simultaneously.