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Video Walls

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CineMassive offers a complete portfolio of best-in-class video walls, each with its own range of premium features and customization options. Engineered for the most demanding applications, our video walls deliver outstanding visual performance, flexibility, and reliability. Every CineMassive video wall is purpose-built and can be customized to meet the unique demands of your use-case and environment.

CineView LCD 55 inch display - portal

LCD Video Walls

Our CineView LCD video walls deliver unmatched reliability and performance. CineView displays offer the narrowest bezels in the industry and a range of premium features, including IPS glass, redundant power supplies, fiber optic video inputs, and more.

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Direct view LED display - back and front

LED Video Walls

Our LED video walls deliver a brilliant, seamless visual experience and the highest-resolution pitches in the industry. With our solution, you can leverage the extraordinary visual performance of LED with the 24/7 reliability of CineMassive technology.

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2x2 Portable Video Wall System

Portable Video Walls

CineMassive’s Scalable Mobile Display (SMD) is a high-resolution portable video wall system designed for teams in rugged and dynamic environments. SMD can be deployed quickly and easily in any environment and can be packed into cases for easy transport.

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Projection Cube Display

Rear Projection Video Walls

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to provide virtually-seamless rear-projection video walls. Featuring LED-backlighting and DLP projection technology, our rear projection displays deliver excellent contrast ratios, sharpness, and reliability.

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Blended Projector

Blended Projection Solutions

By blending and warping multiple projectors, CineMassive can deliver a seamless, immersive display canvas of any size and shape. Our blended projection systems deliver high resolutions and vivid color at massive scale. We can even blend and warp 4K projectors.

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Video wall mount

Video Wall Mounts

We offer a wide variety of mounting options for our video walls, including freestanding, wall-mounted, curved, and more. Built with custom-fabricated steel and aluminum, our mounts are extremely durable and designed for easy serviceability.

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Why a CineMassive Video Wall?

Superior Components

Designed by our expert engineers and industry-leading partners, CineMassive video walls are built from professional-grade components and designed to deliver unparalleled visual performance, precision, scalability, and reliability.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Our premium display technologies include a broad range of sizes, shapes, and resolutions. We’ll work with you to select the optimal display type, dimensions, and mounting system for your application, delivering a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Expert Integration

As a turn-key solutions provider, we’re committed to providing a timely, successful deployment for your new video wall. Your system will be installed and integrated at your facility by our own team of experienced programmers and technicians.

Tested and Proven

CineMassive display systems have been proven in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Our video walls support the critical operations of elite military units, Fortune 500 companies, medical research centers, and more.

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What is a video wall system?

While displays are an important part of a video wall, there’s much more to these complex systems than meets the eye. Learn about the three major components of a video wall system, how they work, and why they matter.

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Compare video wall display types

What’s the difference between LCD and LED? What is blended projection? If you’re new to video walls, all these different technologies can be confusing. We compare the four most common display types, explain how they work, and discuss their key strengths and weaknesses.

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Why a video wall system?

Why invest in a video wall system when you could just use a large TV, front projector, or set of monitors? Find out what sets video walls apart from these simpler solutions, and learn how various industries use video wall systems today.

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Considerations for buying a video wall

There’s a lot to consider when buying a video wall system, from choosing the right displays to evaluating controllers, software, support, and more. Our list of simple questions will help you start identifying your needs and narrowing your options.

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Featured Case Studies

Stanford University HIVE

Researchers at Stanford University's HIVE visualization center use a CineMassive system to render 3D simulations and other big data at native resolution. The video wall system enables easy content-sharing and collaboration between researchers.

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Miami Gardens Real Time Crime Center

Miami Gardens' Real Time Crime Center leverages a CineMassive visualization system to enable safer, more effective crime fighting. Officers use the system to monitor camera feeds, visualize crime patterns, and deliver critical information to response units.

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Montgomery 911 Call Center

A CineMassive system enhances situational awareness and information-sharing at Montgomery's 911 Call Center. Using the video wall, dispatchers can monitor real-time data from multiple platforms and deliver valuable insights to first responders.

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CURVE at Georgia State University Library

A touch-interactive CineMassive system enables collaborative visualization at Georgia State University Library's CURVE research center. Leveraging the video wall system, researchers can render 3D maps and other massive files at native resolution.

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