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Seamless LED Video Walls
Breathtaking Image Quality and 24/7 Reliability

CineMassive’s series of CineLuxe LED video walls provide the optimal mix of brightness, fine pixel pitch, color uniformity, and reliability. Truly seamless, CineLuxe LED displays are engineered to deliver among the finest pixel densities in the industry, with pixel pitches as low as 0.9mm. Each large 54” display offers up to a 1280 x 720 resolution, providing a visually stunning and immersive experience.

All CineLuxe LED video walls are designed for 24/7/365 operation, delivering the reliability and resiliency needed for mission-critical visualizations. Our LED display systems are suitable for control rooms, conference rooms, large-scale digital signage, and more.

CineLux LED Display

Key Features

  • Pixel pitches as fine as 0.9mm
  • 100% Seamless
  • Redundant power supply
  • Designed for 24/7/365 operation
  • Large 54” displays
  • Simplified content management through CineNet

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Immersive, High-Impact Visual Experience

Ultra-fine pixel pitch

CineLuxe LED displays are available in pixel pitches as fine as 0.9mm, providing a high-resolution viewing experience.

100% seamless

Our bezel-free LED panels interlock tightly with one another to create a seamless display surface.

Outstanding Reliability

Engineered for mission and business-critical applications, our displays are designed for 24/7/365 operation.


With modular back cover sections, CineLuxe displays can be serviced without removing them from the wall.

Interactive Touch

Our touch LED video walls allow multiple users to interact with the displays simultaneously, making them an ideal collaboration solution.

Mounting Options

Each CineLuxe video wall is customized with a mounting solution designed for your specific environment and needs.

The Next Generation of LED Technology

CineLux LED Display Diagram

CineLuxe LED video walls are architected and manufactured by experts for the most demanding video wall applications. Purpose-built to address the challenges of many video wall implementations, CineLuxe LED video walls offer a redundant power supply, advanced serviceability features, and professional-grade LEDs.

CineLuxe displays use as much as 35% less power than other LED solutions. Multiple displays can be powered by a single 15-amp circuit, and typical power consumption is only 132 watts.

Expertly Architected for the Most Demanding Applications

Designed to meet the challenges of business-critical and mission-critical applications, CineLuxe displays are rated for 24/7/365 operation, with a typical LED lifetime of 100,000 hours. Each display includes a redundant power supply to ensure continuous operation.

CineLuxe displays are built with the highest quality commercial-grade LEDs, providing longevity and value for your video wall system.

Engineered for mission-critical 24/7/365 operation

  • High-quality, professional-grade LEDs
  • Integrated redundant power supply
  • TAA compliant
  • 100,000 hour typical LED lifetime
  • Optional 24/7 remote and onsite GuardianCare support
  • Three-year warranty, extendable to four or five years*
    *Ask us about our exclusive, no-cost 5-year extended warranty program for Federal projects!

Brilliant Image Quality

Perfect for areas with significant ambient light, CineLuxe displays offer unsurpassed brightness and stunning, high-resolution images. The commercial-grade, black solder mask component LEDs used within the display panels are of the highest quality. The LEDs present the deepest shade of black and allow unrivaled off-axis viewing angles. The 16:9 aspect ratio is compatible with the most commonly used resolutions, including both HD and 4K.

LED Displays optimized for crystal-clear resolution

  • 100% seamless
  • Brightness and color uniformity
  • Large 54” panels
  • 16:9 form factor
  • Flat panel design
  • Superior viewing angles
  • Industry-leading 6000:1 contrast ratio
    Large LED Video Wall with Swimmer Image

    Intuitive and Powerful Operational Control

    CineNet Device Control Interface on Tablet

    The content on CineLuxe displays is controlled using CineNet, CineMassive’s industry-leading video wall management application. Users with advanced permissions can exercise complete control over the content displayed on the video wall using a browser-based, drag & drop interface. They can group, resize, stretch, or tile content over the desired displays at native resolution. Users can also annotate content with built-in whiteboarding, stream IP sources, create custom layouts, control external devices, and much more.

    CineNet can also be configured to provide non-technical users with an ultra-simplified interface to complete a complex series of pre-built tasks with the touch of a button, such as to power on the video wall, set the room lighting, enable the audio system, set the volume, or display a specific layout.

    Designed with Installation and Serviceability in Mind

    Each CineLuxe LED display has twenty potential alignment points, allowing flawless alignment and images that span displays continuously. The large 54″ display size means most video walls require fewer individual panels, reducing installation time and points of future service. The LED’s onscreen diagnostics allow service staff to quickly access the information they need.

    The CineLuxe display has a uniquely designed rear cover with modular sections that eliminates the need to dismount the display from the wall and remove the entire back cover for component servicing.

    Optimized for serviceability and environmental factors

    • Locking, easy to align display frame
    • LED modules individually serviceable
    • Modular rear cover access allows on-wall maintenance
    • Fanless operation
    • Onscreen diagnostics and readout
    • Built-in color and alignment test patterns

    Technical Specifications: CineLuxe LED Displays

    CineLuxe LED Models0.9mm LED1.2mm LED1.8mm LED
    Pixel Pitch0.9375 mm1.25 mm1.875 mm
    Native Resolution1280 x 720960 x 540640 x 360
    Brightness600 nits800 nits800 nits
    Viewable Image Size (Diagonal)54.21 in
    Seam Size0.0 mm (100% Seamless)
    Contrast Ratio6,000:1
    Viewing Angle, H/V160°/140°
    Acoustic NoiseFanless at Display
    Redundant Power SupplyIncluded
    Run-Time Rating24/7/365
    LED Lifetime, Typical100,000 hours

    CineMassive's Full Suite of Video Wall Products

    Our turn-key video wall systems are purpose-built to meet your unique needs, whether it’s for critical decision-making, operations management, real-time collaboration, or for enhanced learning and research visualization.

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