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Rear Projection Video Walls

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Precise visual performance, 24/7 reliability

CineMassive partners with Mitsubishi Electric to deliver virtually-seamless rear projection video walls. Featuring LED backlighting and DLP projection, our Mitsubishi displays (or “cubes”) provide excellent brightness, color accuracy, and precision. They are designed for 24/7 operations and deliver years of reliable performance with virtually no maintenance.

The CineMassive team will evaluate your needs to design the ideal rear projection solution for your use-case and environment. Your video wall can be seamlessly integrated with any CineMassive controller and CineNet software package to create a turn-key visualization system.

Rear projection cube display

Key Benefits

  • Virtually seamless
  • Automatic color and brightness balancing
  • Any size and shape
  • Front and rear-access options
  • Long-lasting LED light source
  • 24/7 reliability

Product Features

Virtually seamless

When tiled together in a video wall, our Mitsubishi projection cubes interlock to produce a screen-to-screen gap as narrow as just 0.2mm. The completed video wall appears as a single, massive display surface with no visible seams.

Consistent sharpness and detail

Our projection cubes leverage DLP chip technology, a premium projection system known for its superior image quality and precision. DLP projection allows your video wall to deliver consistent sharpness, brightness, and detail for both still and fast-motion content.

Vivid color

The LED light source in our Mitsubishi cubes provides excellent color reproduction, so your video wall can display a massive range of colors, shades, and hues. Images appear bright and vivid, and text and symbols are clearly legible.

Automatic color and brightness balancing

Our cubes include auto-calibration sensors that continually monitor color, brightness, and contrast uniformity across all of the screens. The system automatically adjusts each cube to match its neighbors, delivering consistent color and brightness across the entire video wall.

Any shape

Our rear projection video walls can be configured into virtually any shape, making them an excellent solution for non-standard display surfaces. Options include flat, curved, recessed, and even non-rectangular configurations.

Variety of sizes and resolutions

We offer cubes in sizes from 50″ to 80″ and in resolutions from XGA to WUXGA. Our team will work with you to select the optimal display size, resolution, and aspect ratio for your needs.

Extremely scalable

Our Mitsubishi cubes are highly scalable and can be tiled to create extremely large video walls. With screens as large as 80”, they are a cost-effective option for creating very large display systems.

24/7 reliability, virtually maintenance-free

Our Mitsubishi cubes are designed for 24/7 operations and include no consumable parts. While lamp-lit systems demand frequent maintenance downtime, our LED-lit cubes deliver reliable, maintenance-free performance for years on end.

Air cooling system for increased lifespan

Each cube is equipped with a highly efficient air cooling system and chimney-style ventilation. These systems reduce the operating temperature of the LED light source, increasing the lifespan of the video wall.

Front and rear service access options

Our cubes are available in both front and rear-access designs. Front-access cubes demand less floor space and are ideal for environments with spatial constraints. When space allows, rear-access cubes may be preferred since they offer our narrowest seams.