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Stryke Lightning

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Ruggedized, Portable Expeditionary Visualization System

The Stryke Lightning is designed for lightning fast setup, mobility, and flexibility. A complete expeditionary visualization system, it includes a 75” LCD display, Alpha FX Stryke processor with CineNet™ control software, and all the necessary equipment and cables. Packed in a ruggedized, motorized pop-up transit case, it is ideal for highly mobile scenarios. With its simple, tool-free assembly, the Stryke Lightning can be setup and ready to operate in minutes.

Depending on your unique requirements, you can easily expand your system with up to three additional 75” displays and choose from a range of optional accessory packages including audio, video teleconference (VTC), (4) source video extender, and spare parts packages.

While designed for ultimate portability and flexibility, the Stryke Lightning system leverages the same powerful, reliable technology as permanently-installed CineMassive systems.

Key Benefits

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Product Benefits

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Includes all system components

Complete system in a ruggedized, motorized pop-up case for easy transport.

User friendly Software icon

User-friendly control

CineNet™ software provides real-time control over your Stryke Lightning system through a simple control point interface.

Scalable Systems


Easily expandable – add up to three additional 75” displays, or select optional audio, VTC, (4) video source extender, and/or spare parts packages.

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Quick, easy assembly

Simple, tool-free assembly and operation – set up in minutes.

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Reliability and support

The Stryke Lightning is specifically designed for expeditionary use and is backed by our 24/7/365 GuardianCare technical support.

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Collaboration on the move

Ideal for portable TOC, NOC, COIC, EOC, and JOC command & control operations.

System Components

stryke lightning system components
  1. 1

    Ruggedized, motorized pop-up transit case


  2. 2

    75" LCD display


  3. 3

    Alpha FX Stryke video processor with CineNet software


  1. 4

    Control Point


  2. 5

    Touchpad & keyboard


  3. 6

    All necessary cables & connectors


Configure Your Stryke Lightning System

Step 1: Choose Your Display Configuration

stryke lightning with 1 display

Stryke Lightning system with one 75” display

stryke lightning with 2 displays

Stryke Lightning system with an additional 75” display

stryke lightning with 3 displays

Stryke Lightning system with two additional 75” displays

stryke lightning with 4 displays

Stryke Lightning system with three additional 75” displays

Step 2: Optional Accessory Packages

Tailor your Stryke Lightning system to meet your exact needs with our optional accessory packages. All packages include ruggedized, water-resistant transit cases.

Audio Package

Includes: (1) Handheld microphone with switch (1) 3.5mm auxiliary input and cabling, and (2) speakers.

Spare Parts Package

Includes: (1) Complete spare lift mechanism, (1) controller, and (1) tools.

VTC Package

Includes: (1) Cisco WebEx™ Room Kit codec (built in camera, microphone, speaker), and (1) year of SmartNet Protection for Cisco WebEx Room Kit codec.

(4) Source Video Extender Package

Includes: (4) CineLink HD-EL Encoders, (1) 8 port network switch, (4) 10ft HDMI video cables, (4) 25ft network cables, (4) power supply cables, (1) spare power supply cable, (1) spare HDMI cable, and (1) spare network cable.

Step 3: Training and Support

Protect your system and prepare your team for success with CineMassive training and support services.

On-Site Training

Provide your team with hands-on instruction on the Stryke Lightning assembly, operation, and field service.

GuardianCare 24/7 Support

Protect your Stryke Lightning with 24/7 remote support, on-site support, software updates, and more – all delivered by our expert, U.S.-based team.

Stryke Lightning Signal Flow Diagram

Stryke Lightning Signal Flow Diagram

Stryke Package collage

Additional Expeditionary Options

Not sure if the Stryke Lightening best suits your tactical visualization needs? We offer additional expeditionary technology, from processors that fit into a backpack to full-scale portable video walls.
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