Robert Kaufmann

Robert Kaufman

Co-Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Robert has a passion for developing a deep understanding of customer needs and translating those needs into compelling products and services. He has successfully guided projects for every branch of the US Armed Forces, the Pentagon, and more. Since co-founding CineMassive (now Haivision MCS)  in 2005, Robert has been the driving force behind pursuing new market opportunities and developing strategies for the latest technology developments.

Katie Digby

Katie Digby

Chief Operating Officer
Katie, our Chief Operations Officer, has an extensive background in Marketing, Sales, and Operations and has utilized those skills with Haivision for over 7 years. During her tenure, she has established and grown departments such as Marketing, Sales, and Sales Operations into fully functional divisions. Katie has a love for building dedicated and talented teams while developing the processes necessary to enable those employees to execute on Haivision’s strategic vision.
David Basarab

David Basarab

Chief Technology Officer
For over 7 years, David has been an invaluable leader on the development team. With over 15 years of software development experience, David has risen to serve as Chief Technology Officer at Haivision where he works to develop our core software, CineNet. His passion for writing code helps drive the innovative breakthroughs that keep Haivision at the top of our industry.
Aaron Leiker

Aaron Leiker

Executive Vice President, Sales
With over 15 years of demonstrated sales experience in the AV world, Aaron has risen to the position of Executive Vice President of Sales Strategy at Haivision. In his 8+ years with the company, he has developed a keen sense for knowing what customers need for a truly world class experience with our solutions. He uses his expertise to educate internal teams and partners on design principles and product capabilities while also working directly with customers to refine those principles and deliver the lifecycle product experience our clients expect.
Kevin Gabriel

Kevin Gabriel

Executive Vice President, Integration
Kevin’s goal is the creation of talented, cohesive teams and methods to consistently deliver exceptional results for our customers. As Haivision’s Executive Vice President of Integration, Kevin is always on the lookout for talented and team-focused individuals to add to our roster of eager employees. He strives to provide the proper resources, processes, and autonomy to our team members so they are empowered to make the decisions necessary to deliver exceptional results.
Stefan Schrober

Stefan Schober

Vice President, Business Development and Channels
Stefan has over 15 years of successful leadership experience in Business Development and Sales. Throughout his career, he has specialized in growing tech start-ups and enterprise companies in both federal and commercial markets. Stefan’s true passions are focused on strategic opportunities within technology, channel operations, and the benefits of strong alliances between partners. He uses his talents at Haivision to identify and develop the strategic partnerships that provide the greatest opportunities to leverage Haivision’s industry-leading technology and software.

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