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Collaborative Defense Against Outages and Intrusions

The world of finance operates on the most precise, up-to-the-second information available across the world, which is why they depend on CineMassive visualization systems for their operations centers. Network Operations Centers, Security Operations Centers, and Fraud Detection Centers are all mission-critical, 24/7/365 facilities vital to the financial institutions that employ them. Decision-makers require optimized workflows to negotiate incoming network failures, security breaches, and fraudulent activity alerts. It’s in these spaces that our solutions are front and center.

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Use Cases

Network Operations Center

Network Operations Centers

In a world driven by data, financial organizations rely on the health of their networks. Network Operations Centers (NOCs) empower technicians with the tools and software needed to monitor network statuses and identify issues before they occur.

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Security Operations center

Security Operations Center

Financial institutions such as banks utilize robust and detailed security operations. During incidents, it’s at the Security Operations Center (SOC) where intel is analyzed and responses are planned. Regional SOCs can easily push content and data to larger Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs) for world-wide operations.

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Fraud Detection Centers

Fraud Detection Center

Fraudulent activity is best fought when identified as quickly as possible. Banks and financial institutions utilize CineMassive visualizations systems so teams can collaborate across a shared operating picture to curtail fraudulent actions with insight driven responses.

Benefits of our Turn-Key Solution

24/7 Reliability icon

Delivers 24/7 reliability

  • Reliably serving critical operations of US military
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and repairs
  • Built-in hardware redundancies to ensure uninterrupted system performance
Dynamic Workflow icon

Reduces incident response time

  • Collaborate team responses in real-time
  • Highlight specific content and push across workstations
  • Condense critical data in one location
User friendly Software icon

Ease of Use

  • CineNet use does not require any programming knowledge
  • Custom layouts can be created and applied by any user
  • Access CineNet with any browser based device or touchscreen
Quick Decision icon

Enables swift, accurate decision-making

  • Share content between workstations in an instant
  • Network-wide access from any connected PC or tablet
  • Push content to regional or global facilities on the same network in seconds
GuardianCare icon

Ongoing support and protection

  • Support through product life-cycle with GuardianCare
  • 24/7 phone support and priority on-site support
  • Access to latest software features and updates
Presentations icon

Growth with your operations

  • Solutions designed to grow alongside your businesses
  • Designed to connect to additional operations centers as your network grows
  • The most powerful, scalable video processing platform on the market

Unparalleled Security and Stability

All networks within the financial sector must be running at peak condition at all times. In order to protect the stability of these mission-critical centers, our video wall systems are designed with multiple fail safes and redundancies. Backup power supplies and software and hardware routines are designed to keep crucial system functions running in the unlikely event of equipment failure or loss.

In addition, we work hard to keep our systems as secure as possible. In a world full of constant threats, attacks, and intrusions to all varieties of financial systems – you can rest easy knowing the data sent from the CineNet UI to your web server is encrypted and authenticated using TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA with X25519, and AES_256_GCM.

System Security

Custom Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At CineMassive, we don’t see one-size-fits-all solutions. Through a consultative approach, we carefully evaluate each your activities, environment, and business objectives to design the best system to fit your specific requirements.

Display Considerations

Resolution requirements

Typical ambient light

Spatial constraints

Desire for touch interactivity

Mounting preferences

Processor Considerations

Variety of devices that will be used as content sources

Quantity of content sources that will be displayed concurrently

Number and size of video walls to be supported

Software Considerations

Number of users who will be operating the system at once

Desire for automatic content rotation

Interest in custom features or integration

Other Considerations

Desire to integrate audio equipment or additional systems

Desire to integrate existing environmental systems

Aesthetic and branding concerns

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