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CineMassive video wall systems serve teams in some of the largest network operations centers (NOCs) in the United States. With a CineMassive system, your team can display and monitor all of their network management tools on a multi-HD display canvas. Technicians can easily share data on the video wall or across the network, working collaboratively to diagnose and resolve issues.

As a turn-key solutions provider, CineMassive designs and delivers complete visualization systems, including the displays, controllers, video wall software, and more. Once completed, your CineMassive video wall system will be installed at your facility and seamlessly integrated into your environment.

What to Consider When Building Your NOC

Network Operations Centers exist to help give network engineers and operators a holistic view of their organization’s network health. The users in these facilities depend on software applications that integrate with their system to identify and mitigate incidents as they occur. When planning your NOC, there are several factors to assess as you get started.

Software Tools

Do you rely on single applications or entire platforms?

What core applications must always be accessible?

How many of your applications are web based?

Integrating existing technology

How accessible is system hardware?

How often do you add new applications/tools?

How many different software platforms does your staff currently utilize?

Staff schedules & training

How long is the average technician shift?

Do you have your own internal technical training?

Do you have a technician hierarchy for escalating network issues?

Physical space

Can your existing space physically hold a video wall as is?

How many technicians will operate the NOC at once?

Access All of Your Tools in One Place

APEX Visual collaboration

NOCs are structured around a dashboard that allows technicians to recognize incidents and respond to network alerts as they occur. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software tools are essential to every NOC. CineMassive solutions are built around the ability to seamlessly integrate with the necessary tools and hardware teams already rely upon or will eventually use within operations centers.

Since most SIEM applications are web based, typical NOCs need to house multiple computers to host these apps. CineMassive solutions remove the need for additional equipment through CineAgent, which allows users to access web-based applications directly through the CineNet video wall control platform. Our video wall puts the most crucial information at the front and center of your Network Operations, giving you a complete view of overall network health.

Distributed Networks and Remote Access

There are many situations that might require operators or decisions-makers to access your NOC remotely, or communicate entire dashboards of content between facilities on your network. It is important your visualization system accounts for these scenarios without sacrificing performance or functionality.

CineMassive has your organization covered in even the most unforeseen circumstances by allowing verified users and operators to access your system remotely or from adjacent ops centers on your network. Through the CineNet Platform, users can maintain access of web-based apps across ops centers to use in real-time, even when remote.

remote access to CineNet

Visualization System Component Considerations

Choose the Right Display Type

LED and LCD displays offer varying advantages based on the type of content being displayed. When it comes to NOCs, LED tends to be the recommended choice as they are better equipped for data focused information. Our CineLuxe LED displays offer several advantages for your operations center:

LCD & LED displays
  • SCADA dashboards and spreadsheets are best displayed through seamless LED tiles
  • LED pixel pitch can be customized for any sized video wall
  • 100,000 hour standard LED lifetime with redundant power supplies
  • CineLuxe displays consume up to 35% less power than competing LED solutions

Content and Software Administration

CineNet is our proprietary software designed to manage all content and inputs across your operations center. Its intuitive touch-screen interface is both efficient while easily approachable by anyone regardless of technical expertise.

CineNet Video Wall Software
  • Easy-to-design custom layouts can be accessed in seconds
  • Accessible by any PC or smart tablet
  • Easily integrates with SIEM software tools
  • Control web applications directly through the user interface via CineAgent

The Right Processor for Your Needs

Designed for mission-critical spaces and 24/7/365 operation, our Alpha FX Elite, Alpha FX Core, and Alpha FX Nexus processors are ideal for NOC visualization systems.

Elite Nexus Core Processors
  • Accepts and supports content from virtually any source – digital or analog, physical or IP
  • Built on Windows 10 PC-based architecture
  • Supports the largest number of displays, sources, and IP streams of any similar device on the market
  • Provides native video playback and image rendering for additional content without expansion hardware

Web-Based Application Control

NOCs rely heavily on the constant use of many web-based software tools to monitor overall network health. Typically, these tools demand the processing power of their own dedicated computers to keep critical applications running around the clock. CineAgent allows operators to access and run these apps on your video wall from CineNet through your current system for a more streamlined and efficient workflow in your NOC.

CineAgent Hardware
  • Stream four concurrent web applications per server
  • Full soft KVM interaction with your video wall
  • Reduce load time by continuously streaming required apps
  • Consolidates overall hardware needs throughout your NOC

Expert Design, Installation, and Training

From your first conversation with our experts and throughout the lifetime of your visualization investment, we will always be there to work alongside you to guarantee total operational efficiency in your system. We begin by fully realizing your NOC needs and requirements to design the ideal system with the right components that will exceed your needs now and into the future. Upon installation, we train your team of technicians and keep them informed when future updates and upgrades are released. We then oversee the exact integration of your existing hardware and software into your new system before a detailed commissioning ensures every component is operating at maximum efficiency.


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