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Collaborative visualization for accelerated incident response

Today’s traffic management centers (TMCs) and transit centers must manage large volumes of video and data to support their transportation networks. A CineMassive visualization system unites all of your team’s critical data on a multi-HD video wall, delivering a complete, real-time operating picture. Leveraging our user-friendly control software, operators can instantly push content to the displays, zoom in to evaluate incidents, and work collaboratively to coordinate response efforts. Content can also be shared across the network, enabling secure collaboration with remote stakeholders.

A CineMassive System for Traffic and Transit Management

While every CineMassive system is unique, the illustration below shows a solution that might be used in a traffic operations center or transit management center.

Traffic management center solution diagram
  1. 1

    LCD Video Wall

    CineView III LCD video walls deliver unparalleled brightness, precision, and visual performance.

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  2. 2

    CineNet Software

    CineNet software provides a user-friendly interface for controlling the content on the video wall.

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  1. 3

    Alpha FX Processor

    The Alpha FX video wall processor provides powerful processing, real-time content control and dozens of inputs and outputs.

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Benefits of our Turn-Key Solution

Situational Awareness icon

Increases situational awareness

Our video wall system accepts content from virtually any device, so you can display dozens of camera feeds, mapping applications, and other critical data simultaneously. This creates a complete operating picture that heightens your team’s situational awareness.

User friendly Software icon

Provides user-friendly control

Our video wall software provides complete control over the display system, letting operators freely drag, drop, and arrange content sources anywhere on the displays. The platform’s simple, intuitive interface helps your team work quickly and accurately, even under stressful conditions.

24/7 Reliability icon

Delivers 24/7 reliability

Developed to support the critical operations of the US military, CineMassive systems deliver 24/7 reliability and extreme resilience. Our CineView LCD video walls feature redundant power supplies in every display, and select controllers offer redundant, hot-swappable power supplies.

Dynamic Workflow icon

Reduces incident response time

Our system helps your team work collaboratively to evaluate and respond quickly to incidents. When an incident occurs, operators can zoom in on selected camera feeds, share content from their workstations, and gather critical data from various informational systems.

Multiple Content Control icon

Offers multiple content control options

With our system, you can choose the content control method that works best for your team. Operators can arrange content on the displays in real-time or load pre-arranged layouts of video and data sources. Content layouts can even be scheduled in an automatic rotation.

GuardianCare icon

Ongoing support and protection

Our GuardianCare program provides ongoing support and protection for your video wall system. GuardianCare provides 24/7 phone support and priority on-site support, all delivered by our expert team. It also offers access to all the latest software features and updates.

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Featured Case Studies

City of Sandy Springs Traffic Management Center

The City of Sandy Springs needed to upgrade their existing out-of-date Traffic Management Center (TMC) to a scalable, powerful, and modern video wall system capable of managing an enormous amount of visual data.

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California Highway Patrol

The California Highway Patrol needed a visualization system capable of displaying a large array of both analog and digital video feeds from around the state.

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Custom Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At CineMassive, we don't sell one-size-fits-all solutions. We carefully evaluate each customer’s activities, environment, and business objectives and develop a solution tailored to their needs. Below are some of the many areas we assess when developing systems for traffic management and mass transit.

Display Considerations

  • Resolution requirements
  • Ambient light in the environment
  • Spatial constraints of the environment
  • Mounting preferences

Controller Considerations

  • Type of devices that will be used as content sources
  • Quantity of content sources that will be displayed at once
  • Number of video walls to be supported

Software Considerations

  • Number of operators who will be using the system at once
  • Desire for automatic content rotation
  • Interest in custom features

Other Considerations

  • Desire to integrate audio, video conferencing, and other additional systems
  • Desire to integrate existing environmental systems
  • Aesthetic and branding concerns