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CineMassive is Now Haivision MCS

Haivision MCS

We are excited to announce that CineMassive is now officially Haivision MCS. This announcement marks a key milestone in the integration of the company following the acquisition of CineMassive in August 2021. Read the Press Release

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Virtual Desktop Streaming Now Available on CineAgent

CineAgent Hardware

CineMassive is excited to announce its CineAgent server now supports virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) streaming functionality! As more and more organizations tap into the benefits of virtualization, operations centers need to stream virtual content as part of creating a common operating picture for real-time situational…

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Haivision Completes Acquisition of CineMassive

Haivision Acquires CineMassive

We are excited to announce that Haivision has completed the acquisition of CineMassive. Haivision is a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and network solutions. Find Out More!   Read the Press Release

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Haivision to Acquire CineMassive

Haivision to Acquire CineMassive

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for CineMassive. Haivision, a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and networking solutions, announced details of a definitive agreement to acquire CineMassive. Find Out More!

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CineMassive Introduces Scale4 Expanders

Scale4 Expander

CineMassive is excited to introduce the Scale4 Expander, available as a standalone appliance or as an add-in board for use in a CineMassive Alpha FX Elite or Core video processor. Scalability and flexibility are more important than ever. As organizations adapt to changing workflows, operations…

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CineMassive Introduces CineLink KVM Over IP Devices

CineLink KVM Family of Products

CineMassive is excited to introduce a line of CineLink KVM encoders and access points designed to provide seamless streaming and KVM control of content from remote workstations. KVM functionality allows users to control more than one computer from a single keyboard, video display, and mouse.…

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Introducing the Stryke Lightning Portable Visualization System

Stryke Lightning by CineMassive

CineMassive is excited to introduce the Stryke Lightning The most portable visualization system on the market The demand for portable visualization solutions has never been greater. Whether it is a field unit on the front lines, an emergency response team, or a mobile security operation,…

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CineMassive Content on YouTube

CineMassive Youtube Channel

Did you know that in addition to our main site, we are sharing our own, original video content through our YouTube channel? While we will always host product videos, demonstrations, on-demand webinar content, and more through our website, we encourage everyone to visit our YouTube…

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New Updates to our CineNet Software Platform

CineNet 3.8 Platform curiosity labs

Content management software for visualization systems must be designed with the end-user in mind. New operators should be able to approach this software and be ready to dive into its controls without the need for advanced training or programming knowledge. We’ve worked hard to keep…

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