Single-Site, Multi-Enclave Distribution Best Practices
Department of Defense (DoD) organizations incorporating multiple video walls in an operations center must adhere to strict content security requirements. This white paper explains the DoD security policy requirements related to an AV system displaying content of multiple classifications from sources within the same site, and provides key mitigation techniques to protect the integrity of content shared over various networks.
Service Delivery Management For Evolving Control Rooms
Organizations are reclassifying and managing their operations centers as IT assets at ever increasing rates. This white paper explores the benefits of addressing this shift by adopting service delivery methodologies to reduce operational costs, while increasing reliability and customer satisfaction.
Evaluating Scalability for Control Rooms
The right control room technology not only helps organizations meet their mission today, but also scales to meet future requirements. This white paper explores the key factors to consider when assessing your visual collaboration technology to help maximize your investment and gain unlimited scalability.
A Comparison of Video Wall Technologies
Selecting the ideal video wall display type can be a challenging task. An enormous range of display technologies are available, each with their own unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Our white paper simplifies the display selection process by providing an in-depth comparison of today’s most popular display options.

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