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Multi-Organization Collaboration for Smart City Development

A Smart City testing facility needed a visualization solution to monitor the campus grounds and provide feedback on various smart technology and mobility products. They turned to CineMassive for the right technology and user friendly software to empower visiting companies to efficiently track, monitor, and test their innovative solutions in a real-world environment.

About the Client

The Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is an economic development initiative for the City of Peachtree Corners in Georgia. The area acts as a real-world testing ground where companies can demonstrate and monitor their smart city and smart mobility technology. Since the Curiosity Lab is a fully realized environmental setting, it hosts several companies who stay in the area while frequenting the city’s businesses and restaurants. Two companies have even relocated their headquarters on the Curiosity Lab grounds. Altogether, the encompassing area employs roughly 8,000 individuals and houses another 1,000.

The system has allowed for easy integration of our video streams, and the user interface has made it so companies from all over the globe, can come and easily manage the displays, without us having to spend a ton of time training them.

Brandon Branham, Smart City and IOT Deployment, Curiosity Lab

The Challenge

With a considerable focus on smart city and smart mobility products, the Curiosity Lab has an established a 5G network throughout the complex, coupled with a dedicated road equipped with sensors and tracking strips. To provide the proper monitoring and data analysis tools for companies utilizing the space, the Curiosity Lab looked to CineMassive for a dependable visualization solution that would be easy to pick up and use for operators with varying levels of technical expertise.

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The Solution

Staff at the Curiosity Lab needed a functional dashboard to manage a network of cameras installed throughout the 1.5-mile test road in order to display relevant data while providing a user-friendly system that anyone could easily access. After researching potential options, they chose the solution offered by CineMassive. They decided on an Alpha FX Core video processor, the CineLink 4K-EL-Loop-2 encoder and decoder, and a 3 CineNet Touch Control Point tablets for each workstation. CineMassive installed the processor and equipment to connect three 85” 4K displays the facility had already purchased.

This new system helps companies easily monitor their smart city and smart mobility products as they navigate the test environment. One visiting project, the Olli Autonomous Shuttle, operated at the Curiosity Lab for several months. The Olli Team used the CineNet content management software in the lab to gauge their daily progress as the driverless vehicle operated along regular trips each day. Cameras across the entire campus delivered constant video feeds, while analytics software reported regularly on the performance of the Olli in real-world conditions. Everything from the steeper 13% incline of the road to fallen leaves that masked guidance system pavement striping could be readily accessed by the team across a collaborative visual dashboard. This helped the team to better aggregate the data needed to adjust the shuttle on site.

The Benefits

Since implementing their CineMassive video wall system, the Curiosity Lab has been able to provide dynamic research tools to a wide range of companies that set up shop to test their technology for months at a time. This one-of-a-kind environment allows for unique testing situations, and it is through the CineMassive system that researchers and operators can collect data quickly and efficiently. From monitoring the real-time status of autonomous vehicles to pushing machine learning data to the displays – tech companies that choose to work within the Curiosity Lab environment are receiving the feedback necessary to evolve their equipment and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the most important distinctions of the CineMassive system for the Curiosity Lab team has been the ease at which new users can quickly pick it up and operate it with tremendous efficiency. The CineNet platform lets users manage incoming content, set automated camera rotations, create and retrieve custom layouts, and much more. CineNet was designed around the entire end-user experience. While it has powerful functionality, it is easy for anyone to use regardless of technical expertise. Bringing dynamic yet approachable controls to any user is an essential part of the platform’s design philosophy. As Brandon Branham, Smart City and IOT Deployment, said, “Ease of use is by far the greatest aspect of the system and that sets CineMassive apart from the other companies we have seen in this space.”

Collaboration Center

Ease of use is by far the greatest aspect of the system and that sets CineMassive apart from the other companies we have seen in this space.

Brandon Branham, Smart City and IOT Deployment

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